Friday, March 10, 2006

My own saying is " No one wins an idiot competition " That is, when someone says or does something idiotic....don't go there...there is absolutely no point in engaging with an idiot. Some unfortunate people waste their energy and life force in draining positive people's energy...don't let that happen. Beware the Karma drainers.

Keep your energy high by getting close to nature every day. I go bushwalking. It works for me.
My name is Mark Doyle. For many years I have wondered,pondered and questioned ..what is the secret to happiness ?

Answer: Helping others. But that isn't enough..being happy is a way of thinking. When I wake up I usually think" yes...I've got another day on earth." The key to happiness I think is not letting the shit get you down.
That is, when( not if ) things go wrong you have to think about what has gone wrong and find any positive you can in the situation.

I firmly believe that a key element in the secret to happiness is a sense of humour.
Selfishness is the natural enemy of happiness.
I beleive that that the secret to true happiness is found in helping others, not just humans , but all things on earth.